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DNH Textilhandels GmbH welcomes the site and suggests the category of our business partners!

Original is home-built, container and school. In our stock you will find a range of graded original from England only home-built (door to door). It is different in that all the clothes people are packed in branded bags collector in his home. Packages are distributed in advance, and at a certain hour of the passing cars and collects them.

Second hand clothing is sorted according to the degree of wear products: cream-grade, first grade, second grade and third grade. Assorted goods not only in the degree of quality, but also by type of clothing (jackets, shirts, jeans, etc.), types of age (children sekon hand, female second-hand, second-hand man) and various combinations (for example old female cream mix). Wholesale second hand here you can buy in lots, selecting different categories.

Second hand of England today is a very popular commodity among clothes, second-hand. A quality second hand from England always at odds "with a bang." If you sell second hand clothes and want to buy second hand from the UK, then please contact us.

We look forward to your calls and letters! 


sorted by children, ladies, gentlemens

  • sorted by sommer- and winter-Ware
  • sorted by  first, secound and  thirdt  quality 

openingtimes Monday till Friday. 08:00 till 17:00 o'clock

CEO: Mr. Ashlak Hussam


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